Work continues on Fuel Tanks

Final drilled the tank attach Z brackets and machine countersunk the nutplate attach holes. I cut the brackets apart on the band saw and cleaned up all the edges on the scotchbright wheel. I riveted the nutplates in place with the squeezer.



I machine countersunk the fuel filler flanges.



I separated the shims with snips and deburred on the scotch bright wheel. I clecoed the the shims to the tank attach brackets and trimmed the ends to be flush with the brackets with snips and cleaned up the edges on the scotchbright wheel. I final drilled all the holes in the shims and dimpled them with the squeezer. I machine countersunk all the holes in the flanges of the attach brackets.



I came up short on J-channel. Not sure whether I didn’t cut the stock I had efficiently when making up the wing stiffeners or if I missed something in inventory. Either way I don’t have anything long enough to make the two 54″ tank stiffeners. I ordered a couple more pieces from Van’s. Should be here next week some time.


Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Wing Time (hours): 130.0
Total Time (hours): 341.0




Primed all the parts

Wiped everything down with acetone and shot everything with P60G2 Primer.


Painted the outboard bays flat black so it looks decent when seen through the landing light lenses. Kinda wish vans provided some sort of reflector or housing.


Dimpled a lot of nut plates. Riveted them to the splice strips, the inspection plate doubler. and the landing light backing plates, and the landing light brackets.


Clecoed the inspection port doubler to the skin and riveted in place.


Clecoed the ribs to the left skin and drilled the tie-down hole.


Made it about half way through riveting the left leading edge before calling it a night.



Today’s Time (hours): 6.0
Wing Time (hours): 107.0
Total Time (hours): 318.0

Finished Section 16–Top Wing Skins

Riveted the nut plates to the inboard rib and skin. Machine countersunk the screw holes.

Match drilled the aileron bracket to the outboard rib and rear spar, deburred, and riveted in place.


Top wing skins completed!



Today’s Time (hours): 1.0
Wing Time (hours): 87.0
Total Time (hours): 298.0

Attached nut plates at inboard rib and countersunk screw holes

Riveted the nut plates that will be used to attach the wing attach point fairings. I was able to squeeze all the rivets.


Machine countersunk the corresponding #8 screw holes to fit a dimpled skin.


Clecoed and match drilled the outboard aileron bracket. Then deburred everything and clecoed back in place.


It was a bit too ate in the evening for riveting so that will have to wait until tomorrow. If Remy can buck a few more rivets with me, I should be able to get the stiffeners riveted in and the left wing top skins will be complete!

Today’s Time (hours): 1.0
Wing Time (hours): 81.5
Total Time (hours): 292.5

Rinse, repeat, right spar complete

Match drilled the J channel to the spar.


Machine countersunk the nutplate attach holes.



Riveted in the nutplates



Countersunk the screw holes.



Machine countersunk all the skin attach holes.



Riveted in the nutplates at the tip end of the spar.



Riveted the doubler to the spar and installed the tank attach nutplates.



Final drilled, deburred, scuffed and primed the aileron bell crank brackets


Installed and torqued the aileron bell crank brackets.


Right spar done!



Today’s Time (hours): 4.5
Wing Time (hours): 21.5
Total Time (hours): 232.5


Left spar complete

Riveted the spar to the doubler with the 5 AN470 rivets using the squeezer. Then shot the tank attach nutplates using the gun.


Final drilled and deburred the left aileron brackets.



Scuffed and primed the aileron brackets with rattle can.



Installed and torqued the aileron brackets to the spar.



Put up the left spar and moved the right spar to the bench. Hopefully I’ll get that one knocked out tomorrow.



Today’s Time (hours): 1.0
Wing Time (hours): 17.0
Total Time (hours): 228.0


Countersunk ALL the holes

Countersunk the tank attach screw holes.



Installed the inspection plate nut plates and countersunk the screw holes.



Countersunk all the skin attach holes.



Installed the snap bushings and the the four nutplates at the tip end of the spar.


Today’s Time (hours): 2.0
Wing Time (hours): 16.0
Total Time (hours): 227.0