Completed Fuel System (Section 31)

Fabricated the fuel lines from metal tube. Installed the AN fluid fittings and flared the ends. Bent the lines using a tubing bender according to the dimensions in the plans. The 1:1 drawings in the plans were super helpful.

I got the loctite called out in the instructions for the fuel selector and used it on the screws to attach the fittings to the valve body. Then I installed the valve into the fuselage along with the fuel lines.




Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Fuselage Time (hours): 139.0
Total Time (hours): 593.5

Began work on Fuel System (Section 31)

Took a break from riveting the the fuselage together. Jared’s lending me his engine-stand-fuselage-rotisserie. So I’ll wait until he drops by next weekend to finish the riveting. It’ll be a lot easier if we can roll the fuselage on its side.

So… Got started on the fuel system tonight. Picked and inspected all the parts.



Separated the fuel line brackets and riveted to the cover ribs.



Disassembled the fuel selector valve. Oriented the fittings per the plans but couldn’t screw them in because I didn’t have the Loctite 648 that the instructions called out. Ordered some from Amazon. I riveted nut plates to the flanges of the valve. Finally I machine countersunk the screw holes in the face plate.



Crimped the connectors on the leads from the fuel pump. Added thread sealant to the fuel filter fitting and screwed it into the pump. Mounted the pump and filter into the into the fuselage.



Attached the AN elbows to the firewall and fuselage sides.




Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Fuselage Time (hours): 136.0
Total Time (hours): 590.5