More engine stuff

I wired up the ammeter. I picked up a couple of inline fuses that had mounting holes. I attached them to the engine mount with an adel clamp.




I fabricated a mount for the Garmin GA 27 GPS antenna by modifying the suction cup mount that came with the antenna. I cut it to match the profile of the antenna, bent the mounting tab to a right angle and cut it shorter. I drilled a hole for the mounting screw and viola.



I wired up the left magneto.



I installed the fuel line form the firewall to the fuel pump.



I cut the right angle hose segment and installed the breather tube.



I installed the line to the oil pressure sensor.



I began terminating the oil, fuel, and manifold pressure sensor wires but realized that I didn’t have any fully insulate quick disconnect terminals. So put in my daily Aircraft Spruce order.



I wired up the right PMag.



Attached the upper and lower oil cooler lines.



Today’s Time (hours): 7.0
Finish kit (hours): 204.0
Total Time (hours): 938.0


Completed Fuel System (Section 31)

Fabricated the fuel lines from metal tube. Installed the AN fluid fittings and flared the ends. Bent the lines using a tubing bender according to the dimensions in the plans. The 1:1 drawings in the plans were super helpful.

I got the loctite called out in the instructions for the fuel selector and used it on the screws to attach the fittings to the valve body. Then I installed the valve into the fuselage along with the fuel lines.




Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Fuselage Time (hours): 139.0
Total Time (hours): 593.5