Work continues on Fairings and Interior

Sorry… I’ve been remiss in posting my progress over the last week or so.

After failed attempts at mounting the nose gear fairing using magnets to locate the holes, I re-glassed the the faring to fill the errant holes and and scuffed of the the gel coat in order to locate them visually. This was SOOOOO much easier. I highly recommend not trying to locate the holes with the magnets as per the plans. Just take off the gel coat and do it visually. Save yourself a lot of time and heart ache.


Finished up the main and nose gear fairings.




Followed the plans to mount trim up the nose leg fairing and install the hinge that holds it together.


Installed the nose leg fairing.


Followed a similar process for the main leg fairings. Note the scuffed off gel coat where I needed to match drill… fool me once…


Installed the Crow five-point restraint system.


Deburred, prepped, painted and installed the interior panels… Flap motor housing, seat ramps, control column covers, the center cover that came with the Classic Aero carpets, etc.


Had to fabricate a new version of the mounting panel and cover for the fuse block. The one I originally made held the fuse block too low and when I installed the tunnel cover, it interfered with the lower power stud of the fuse black and would have created a short circuit.



Today’s Time (hours): 36.0
Finish kit (hours): 373.0
Total Time (hours): 1107.0