Finished Section 16–Top Wing Skins

Riveted the nut plates to the inboard rib and skin. Machine countersunk the screw holes.

Match drilled the aileron bracket to the outboard rib and rear spar, deburred, and riveted in place.


Top wing skins completed!



Today’s Time (hours): 1.0
Wing Time (hours): 87.0
Total Time (hours): 298.0

Riveted the right top wing skins

Awesome helper! Remy bucked and I shot.


We got the both skins the wing walk doublers riveted to the spars and ribs.


Clecoed the J-channel stiffeners to the skins.


Riveted the stiffeners to the skins.


Tomorrow I’ll rivet the nut plates to the inboard rib and attach the outboard aileron bracket. That will complete the top skins section.


Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Wing Time (hours): 86.0
Total Time (hours): 297.0

Left wing top skin complete

Remy and I riveted the J channels to the top skin.


Riveted the outboard aileron bracket to the outboard rib and rear spar. My new 7″ long rivet set came in handy here.

Left wing top skins done!


Clamped the right wing sub-structure to the benches. Clecoed the skins and wing walk doublers in place.



Today’s Time (hours): 1.5
Wing Time (hours): 83.0
Total Time (hours): 294.0

Attached nut plates at inboard rib and countersunk screw holes

Riveted the nut plates that will be used to attach the wing attach point fairings. I was able to squeeze all the rivets.


Machine countersunk the corresponding #8 screw holes to fit a dimpled skin.


Clecoed and match drilled the outboard aileron bracket. Then deburred everything and clecoed back in place.


It was a bit too ate in the evening for riveting so that will have to wait until tomorrow. If Remy can buck a few more rivets with me, I should be able to get the stiffeners riveted in and the left wing top skins will be complete!

Today’s Time (hours): 1.0
Wing Time (hours): 81.5
Total Time (hours): 292.5

Primed everything and Riveted left top skins

Scuffed the top skins, wing walk doublers, and stiffeners and wiped everything down with acetone.



Mixed up a batch of P60G2 and shot everything with primer.



Clecoed the left skins and doublers to the left wing substructure.



Remy helped my rivet the skins to the ribs and spars. Prefers bucking and I prefer shooting so it all works out.



Finished riveting the spars and ribs and clecoed the J stiffeners in place. I’m really pleased with the result so far. The riveting went really smoothly. No dents!



Today’s Time (hours): 5.0
Wing Time (hours): 80.5
Total Time (hours): 291.5

Dimpled all the ribs and stiffeners

Got my rivet set and AD5 rivets from spruce and replaced the rivets I removed after screwing up last week. See Finished riveting everything to the rear spars… almost.


Dimpled all the ribs in both wings…


…and the J-channel stiffeners


Today’s Time (hours): 1.5
Wing Time (hours): 75.5
Total Time (hours): 286.5

Dimpled left top wing skins

Removed material from the corners where they overlap and butt up against the tank skin so that they’ll lay flat. I used 60 grit sand paper. Then deburred all the edges of the skins and wing walk doublers. I deburred all the holes I drilled in the doublers too.



Dimpled the skins with the DRDT-2.



Made it through both left wing skins before my arm got tired.




Today’s Time (hours): 2.0
Wing Time (hours): 73.0
Total Time (hours): 284.0

Drill and countersink inboard top skin and wing walk doublers

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.20.28 AM

I clecoed the wing walk doubles and inboard top skins to the spars and ribs.


Match drill #40 rivet holes for nut plates along inboard edge.



Final drilled #19 the screw holes and dimpled the one furthest aft.



Final drilled #40 and countersunk all of the holes in the skin that are common to the wing walk doublers.



Disassembled everything.



Today’s Time (hours): 2.0
Wing Time (hours): 71.0
Total Time (hours): 282.0