Installed ACK ELT (Section 53)

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.37.22 PM


Installed battery into audio alerter. Note to self: Battery expires March 2028. Installed the alerter under the nose rib of the vertical stabilizer.


Mounted the ELT to the empennage.


Installed the DIN connector to the empennage wiring harness and connected to the ELT.


Wire tied everything up and got pics of the ELT’s hex code so that I can register it later. Also noted the ELT Battery expiration date of 1/25/2024.


Installed a Duracell 28L battery (Expires March 2028) into the RCPI and installed the RCPI into the co-pilot’s panel.



Today’s Time (hours): 2.0
Options and Miscellanea Time (hours): 34.0
Total Time (hours): 723.0