Wired the radio stack

Made my first CAN Bus daisy chain termination for the GTR 200B com radio.


Finished wiring the COM radio connector.


Terminated the antenna cables with BNC connectors for the transponder and com radio and a TNC connector for the GPS.


Made up the connector for the GMC 507 autopilot control. Pretty simple… Power, Ground and CAN bus.



Installed the com radio tray and the transponder and GPS trays that I had pre-wired. I routed and tied all the wires.


Today’s Time (hours): 8.0
Finish Kit (hours): 120.0
Total Time (hours): 850.0


Began work on panel

Mocked up the center panel in plexi. Used the Dremel with a cutoff wheel to make the cuts.


Mocked up the pilot-side panel in plexi. I used a fly cutter in the drill press to cut the 3 1/8″ hole for the G5. I centered the ignition/starter switch under the G5 and placed the electronic ignition power switches above the ignition switch. I’ll only need one for now as the engine came with one mag and one P-mag. But I’m making accommodations to switch out the mag for a second p-mag in the future. I grouped the switches along the bottom into logical groupings based upon function. Master and Aux Batt on the left, then boost pump, then lights (landing, nav, strobe), then pitot heat and defroster. I mounted a momentary push button in the center panel right above where the throttle will be. This will be for the AP’s TOGA function.


I laid out the final design on the actual metal blank. I made a couple of alterations. I took the time to better align the G5, Ignition, and P-mag switches. I also moved the row of switches below the GDU downward by 1/4″



Committed the center panel to metal. I used the plexi as a template and drew the cutouts onto the panel. Then I cut it with the Dremel. I fit and fiddled with it using files and many trial fittings. I used files to cut small notches for the GTN’s side guides and for the pall on the bottom of the GTR 200 to make it easier to insert and remove. I’ll likely add a panel light dimmer switch to the center panel at some point. I just haven’t acquired the switch yet.



Today’s Time (hours): 6.0
Avionics Time (hours): 18.0
Total Time (hours): 693.5


Mounted Radios

Picked up a Dremel vibratory cutter and used it to enlarge the center cut-out in the sub panel in order to accommodate my radio stack. I was pleased with the new tool. Cut like butter. I finished it off with a file and some sand paper.



I mounted all of the radio trays into the central radio rack. This was fiddly work. I had to slot several of the holes that I drilled  in order to get everything to line up perfectly. I used #6 flat head screws, washers, and nylock nuts to hold everything in place. I used the trays themselves as drilling templates. I used a long #40 drill bit to make pilot holes and then drilled to size from the outside of the panel standoffs. I used an extra long screw driver to set the screws.

The placement of the canopy release handle presented a challenge. I had to get everything mounted low enough so that the top of the AP controller didn’t interfere with the hole for the release. I squeezed everything in with less than 1/4″ clearance.


I’ll probably need to uninstall all of the trays to make up the connectors but.

Today’s Time (hours): 5.0
Options and Miscellanea Time (hours): 12.0
Total Time (hours): 687.5