Mounted Radios

Picked up a Dremel vibratory cutter and used it to enlarge the center cut-out in the sub panel in order to accommodate my radio stack. I was pleased with the new tool. Cut like butter. I finished it off with a file and some sand paper.



I mounted all of the radio trays into the central radio rack. This was fiddly work. I had to slot several of the holes that I drilled  in order to get everything to line up perfectly. I used #6 flat head screws, washers, and nylock nuts to hold everything in place. I used the trays themselves as drilling templates. I used a long #40 drill bit to make pilot holes and then drilled to size from the outside of the panel standoffs. I used an extra long screw driver to set the screws.

The placement of the canopy release handle presented a challenge. I had to get everything mounted low enough so that the top of the AP controller didn’t interfere with the hole for the release. I squeezed everything in with less than 1/4″ clearance.


I’ll probably need to uninstall all of the trays to make up the connectors but.

Today’s Time (hours): 5.0
Options and Miscellanea Time (hours): 12.0
Total Time (hours): 687.5


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