Recommenced fuel tank assembly

Jared came by again today to help out. Thanks, man. You’re the best!

We got the fuel drains, fuel filer and stiffeners re-installed.



Installed the ribs in the right tank.



Made up installed the vent line for the right tank. Added installed the right tank attach bracket and aft inboard rib and filleted everything with sealer. Both tanks are now ready to be closed out with the rear baffle.



I cannot over state what a sticky, smelly, messy process this is. My shop looks like a sealant bomb went off.  Every tool I own has some sealant on it now.


Today’s Time (hours): 10.0
Wing Time (hours): 222.0
Total Time (hours): 374.0


Continued building left tank

Sealed and riveted the J channel stiffener to the tank skin.


Installed the tank attach bracket assembly and added a fillet of sealant to the seam with the forward rib. I used an inspection mirror to ensure I got good coverage.



Made up the fuel vent line and installed into the tank.


Sealed and riveted the aft inboard tank rib in place. I installed the bulkhead fitting for the vent line and connected the vent line to it.


I didn’t have enough sealant left to fillet the aft rib. So I’ll do that in the next session.


Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Wing Time (hours): 205.0
Total Time (hours): 357.0