Finished up the canopy, debugged wiring and configured avionics, started on wing attach.

Been working diligently over the last couple of weekends to complete as much as possible before moving to the airport. I’ve secured a spot in a community hangar at KRYY. I’ve also completed my application for airworthiness certificate and scheduled the inspection with Vic Syracuse, our local DAR.

Installed the rear window. Trimmed and fit the aft edge of the canopy and installed the canopy.



Attached the yaw damper bridle cables to the rudder cables.



Brought the wings up to the garage from the basement. Installed the wiring for the GMU 11 and the GTP temperature probe. Created test harnesses to attach the wings to the fuselage in order to test the wiring and avionics.


Spent a fair amount of time debugging wiring and configuring the G3X touch system. I had a couple of CAN bus wiring issues that were pretty easily diagnosed and resolved. I had trouble getting the transponder to power up. This one took a while to figure out but I finally got there. I had mis-pinned the power control line in the high density connector. It was off by one pin. I REALLY wish Garmin had put an LED on the GTX 45R. There was no way to determine wither the box was even powering up or whether there was a data issue. Clearly this box was not designed with installation/maintenance in mind. Inconsiderate engineering!


Fabricated the wing to fuselage fuel lines and fuel vent lines. Made up and installed the aileron and flap push rods.



Today’s Time (hours): 32.00
Finish kit (hours): 425.0
Total Time (hours): 1159.0

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