Completed Tricycle Gear Leg and Wheel Fairings (section 46) and finished installing the interior and empennage fairing

Trimmed and fit the intersection fairings. I reinforced them with flox per the plans. Drilled them out. Installed the nut plates in the wheel pants. Put everything back together. Gear fairing complete!


Prepared and installed the nose gear leg close out.


Mounted the fire extinguisher. Installed all of the carpets with adhesive velcro strips. I really like the Classic Aero carpets. They came with the trim rings for the power outlet and fuel selector. Looks nicely finished. Installed the fancy 3d printed rudder pedal extensions with my N number on them.


Pulled her out into the driveway and mounted the tail feathers. Remy helped me to trim and install the empennage fairing.


Today’s Time (hours): 20.00
Finish kit (hours): 393.0
Total Time (hours): 1127.0

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