Made great progress on tanks

Jared cam over and helped with tanks today. I’m very grateful to have a friend that has done this before and is so generous with his time. I would never have made as much progress on my own. Learned a ton today.

Everything we did today involved fuel tank sealant.  We used FlameMaster Chem Seal that I bought from Van’s. This stuff was invented by satan to torture builders. It smells like ass. It is incredibly sticky and gets on everything. Every part, every tool, every cleco, your hands, you arms, the work bench, the floor, EVERYTHING! I went through an entire box of nitrile gloves today. It is a two-part concoction that you mix ten to one by weight.

We sealed and riveted the flanges to the rear inboard ribs. Then we riveted the drain flange to the skins (after undimpling the holes that I accidentally dimpled in the skins). We riveted the fuel filler flanges to the skins. We riveted the stiffeners to the skins. We set up the left skin in the cradles, applied the sealant to the skins and then riveted the ribs in place.




Today’s Time (hours): 9.0
Wing Time (hours): 202.0
Total Time (hours): 354.0


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