Rear spar assembly complete

Scuffed the forward spar and primed all of the forward and rear spar parts.


Riveted the front spar doubler. Used the squeezer for most of these.


Riveted all of the hinge brackets. Used the gun for these. My riveting skills have improved markedly. I haven’t had to drill any rivets since working on the rudder.

I bolted the inboard hinge bracket to the spar per the plans and realized I don’t have an in/lb torque wrench. So I ordered one from Amazon along with some tamperproof marker paint so I can keep track of which nuts have been torqued and easily inspect them later.


Off to FLL for work for the next few days. So no further progress expected until later in the week.

Today’s Time (hours): 2.5
Empennage Time (hours): 56.0
Total Time (hours): 56.0


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