Toolkit Arrived

I ordered the RV14 toolkit from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool with the pneumatic squeezer and DRDT2 options. It arrived yesterday and I unpacked and inventoried the contents. The pins to mount the toke to the squeezer were missing and the DRDT2 was shipped separately. I emailed Cleaveland last night and got a response first thing this morning with an apology for the oversight. They indicated they’d ship the missing parts immediately. Great service, Cleaveland!



3 thoughts on “Toolkit Arrived

  1. The folks at Cleavland are great to work with. Let me know how you like the DRDT2. Did you also get a C-Frame for riveting?


  2. There are some parts I like to rivet with one. Sometimes there are small parts that are hard to hold for traditional riveting and too small for the squeezer yoke to fit. You can probably get by without one, might just find yourself occasionally blurting out more curse words =)

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