Installed brakes, sealed firewall, finished cowls and baffles

Sealed up the firewall pass throughs. I followed the Van’s instructions on the left side using fire sleeve and RTV. It was challenging to get the fire sleeve stuffed into the fitting around the wire and also to safety wire the outer sleeve in place. Big hands. Small spaces. On the right side, there was no way I was going to be able to get my hands into the space necessary to take this same approach. I was able to form a cone around the cables/wires with tape. I then used a calking gun to fill the void with 3M Fire Barrier 2000+. The tape on the forward side formed a mold to force the sealant between all of the wires. Made a huge mess but it worked.


Installed AN fittings into brake calipers. Fabricated the brake lines and installed.


Finished installing the baffle seals on the cowling and installed the cowling back on the airplane.


I also spent some time tidying up the wiring under the panel and installing the adel clamps and wire ties on the control cables.


Today’s Time (hours): 10.0
Finish kit (hours): 323.0
Total Time (hours): 1057.0

3 thoughts on “Installed brakes, sealed firewall, finished cowls and baffles

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while as I started building a -14A in April. Thanks for all your posts. I’m only on the elevators but hope to get through as quickly as you. I had a question about your avionics panel. I see you did yours on your own. I was considering using steinair for an identical panel. What did your’s cost as opposed to having it done commercially? I’m curious to know what the savings is. Thanks, Mike.


    1. Hi Mike. The avionics were about $28K from Gulf Coast Avionics. Plus around $1 for specialized tools, wire, connectors, etc. I can’t speak to what Stein charges. I didn’t get a bid from him because I wanted to do it myself. I actually enjoyed the wiring.


      1. Thanks Ron. Based on others I’ve seen who used Steinair, that panel is around $52K…quite a savings on your part I’d say.


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