Riveted outboard leading edge to right wing

Completed the right outboard leading edge by riveting the landing light bracket and J channel stiffener in place.


Clecoed the outboard leading edge to the right wing.



Blind riveted the leading edge ribs to the main spar. I couldn’t get the rivet puller square to the river so I fabricated a wedge to safely pull the rivets at an angle. Thanks to Jared for the reminder on this technique. I had originally read about it in section 5 but had forgotten. I ended up using a piece of left over trailing edge wedge. I cut of a small section about half an inch long and drilled a hole in it to accommodate the tail of the blind rivet.


Riveted the leading edge skin to the bottom flange of the main spar.


Riveted the leading edge skin to the top flange of the main spar. Remy bucked for me.


I made a home depot run and picked up a bunch to 2×4’s to construct a wing cradle.

I messed up and stripped a couple of screws that I used to attach the inspection plate to the left leading edge. Need to order a screw extractor.

Today’s Time (hours): 3.0
Wing Time (hours): 116.0
Total Time (hours): 327.0


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