Attached elevators and checked rudder clearance

Definitely looking airplane-like!


Plans call for 3/4″ clearance. I’m at 5/8″. I’m not entirely sure what to do about the 1/8″ difference. I’ll email Van’s but it seems like there’s plenty of clearance.




Today’s Time (hours): 0.5
Empennage Time (hours): 193.0
Total Time (hours): 193.0


3 thoughts on “Attached elevators and checked rudder clearance

    1. Van’s indicated that this is not a concern for flight but rather on the ground. They’ve seen strong gusts bend the rudder sufficiently to force it into the corner of the trim tab puncturing the rudder skin. Had i actually turned the page in the plans, I would have seen their recommended solution… Reducing rudder deflection by shimming out the rudder horns where they meet the stops.


      1. If you properly secure your rudder while on the ramp your not likely to run into any issues 😉


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